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Travel Protection Insurance

Safeguarding your Trip with CSA Travel Insurance

Even the best planned trip can be impacted by the unexpected. Consider these possibilities:

  • Extension of the School Year: Too many snow days now means that school for your son or daughter must attend school two weeks longer than you planned, right into your family vacation!
  • Military Duty: A disaster causes you or one of your fellow travelers to be called into active military service to provide relief efforts and as a result your trip must be postponed.
  • Job Loss: After at least one year of employment suddenly you are laid off. That vacation will just have to wait.
  • Adverse Weather: The weather at home isn't always as mild as it is here in Southern California. A snowstorm or hurricane causes your flight to be cancelled and your vacation plans fall apart.
  • Home Uninhabitable: Out of nowhere a fire or flood renders your home residence uninhabitable and you must put your travel plans on hold.
  • Sickness, Injury, or Death: You're injured at work or the whole family gets sick and you're unable to make the trip. Or perhaps a family member unexpectedly passes away and you find yourself flying home early for a funeral.
Unforeseen events like these can force you to cancel or interrupt your trip, lose your vacation investment and incur unplanned expenses. Get the peace of mind you deserve by purchasing a plan from CSA Travel Protection .

CSA has developed a reputation for standing behind its customers and by offering products and services to meet their needs. Through superior customer service, extensive experience and industry-leading innovation, CSA is with its clients every step of the way, whenever and wherever they are needed.

OC Furnished Rentals offers the following options for purchasing travel protection through CSA:

Standard CSA Travel Protection Insurance:
This insurance policy is available for purchase at your convenience*, and allows you to enjoy all the benefits of CSA Travel Protection.

If you have any questions or comments about our plans, select any of the following options to contact CSA and reference our account code, BEACHSID. CSA customer service staff will be happy to assist you with questions about buying a vacation insurance policy or your existing CSA policy.

(866) 999-4018

Para asistencia en EspaƱol, favor de llamar al
(800) 318-0179

Customer Service Representatives are available to assist you:
6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday Pacific Time
6:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Saturday and Sunday Pacific Time

Please submit your comments and questions by e-mail to csa@csatravelprotection.com

If you are on your trip and need Emergency Assistance, CSA's Worldwide 24-Hour Emergency Assistance Services are always available at (877) 243-4135.

* Please note that coverage for existing conditions must be purchased with or before the final trip payment. The existing condition must not be disabling the guest from traveling at the time that coverage is purchased. Please thoroughly read the coverage details and information about cancellation time frames through CSA.