February 1, 2019

Better Business Travel with OC Furnished Rentals

Business travel. It’s often unavoidable, and yet frequent business travel is notorious for the way it impacts your health. A weakened immune system, increased stress, rushed meals, and disrupted sleep schedules can lead to increased illness, increased risk of obesity, and even faster aging for those always on the go.

Fortunately, you can take steps to counteract these trends, and we’ve discussed a number of easy business travel health tips here.

When you travel, one more thing you can do for yourself is book a furnished rental instead of a hotel suite. The homelike surroundings of a furnished rental can help support the habits you need in order to stay healthy when traveling from place to place. Take a look:

1. Fewer Shared Spaces = fewer germs

You may have seen a recent study saying that airplane check-in kiosks carried far more germs than a toilet seat. While carrying hand sanitizer and a pack of disinfecting wipes can help, there's really no way to completely avoid the abundance of microbes around you. And if you check into a hotel, you are moving from one immune-system challenge to another.

Germy public spaces, combined with an immune system weakened by the stress of travel, can be a recipe for a miserable trip. Give your immune system a break and book one of our furnished rentals instead. Each of our rental properties is thoroughly cleaned between guests, and staying here you will know exactly who is touching all the doorknobs and light switches: you.

2. More Privacy = Easier Relaxation

Even the most crowd-comfortable extrovert can get worn out being constantly surrounded by people while traveling. Even after closing the door at your hotel room, it’s easy to still have that feeling, of being surrounded by people.

Give yourself some more personal space by booking a furnished home instead. At our furnished rentals you will have not only a bedroom suite, but your own living room, kitchen, and probably a yard or patio as well, all of which you can walk around freely, without bumping into anyone.

Sound good? We think so too.

Pro-tip: take advantage of the peaceful spaciousness of your furnished rental by doing some breathing exercises, yoga, or meditation. It will help you recover from the stress of travel and rev up for whatever is next!

5. Your own kitchen = healthy meals

While you can’t control which restaurants you’ll find at any given airport, you can minimize the number of meals you eat out once you arrive at your destination.

We know that meals cooked at home are usually healthier , with fewer calories and more fiber, calcium, and iron. If you’re staying at a hotel you may not have the amenities you need to cook, and you certainly won’t have the spacious countertops that make food prep convenient and enjoyable.

However, if you book one of our furnished rentals, you will always have a full kitchen, complete with appliances, cookware, dinnerware, and basic pantry items. Here you’re set up for success. Take a stroll through one of our local grocery stores (get those steps in!) and you’ll be all set to prepare healthy home-cooked meals.

Ready to make your next business trip better?

Give us a call at 949-340-5464 or send us an email at reservations@ocfurnishedrentals.com. We would love to help you find the perfect home away from home!

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